Who is Crone?


Crones Counsel uses the term “crone” to reference, and to reclaim, the name of the wise woman of ancient times.

The concept of crone existed tens of thousands of years ago, when women’s life patterns were conceptualized in three stages — Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

The Maiden was the youthful, independent woman. The Mother was a woman who guided others, as a biological mother or as a teacher. The Crone was the postmenopausal woman who enjoyed a special, revered status. This elder woman was viewed as a fount of wisdom, law, healing skills, and moral leadership; her presence and leadership were treasured at every significant tribal ceremony and each personal occasion from birth to death.

Note:  in recent years some women’s groups have added “matriarch” as the third stage before Crone.  The Matriarch was the head of a family or tribe.

In that light, Crones Counsel consistently focuses on the empowerment and well-being of older women and claims that honored status of the ancient Crone for contemporary women.