Registration Waiver


The Purpose of this statement is to inform all participants in Crones Counsel In-Person or Virtual Gatherings that, by registering for a particular event, Crones Counsel, Inc. assumes no liability for any unexpected consequences of your individual participation. By your completed registration, in that you are aware of and accept this possibility as you voluntarily register and participate, your implied consent is assumed.

In-Person Gatherings
It is expected that you understand and realize activities involved in Crones Counsel gatherings involve risks which may result in injury to you, and that you knowingly and voluntarily assume all such risk which you may sustain in connection with the above program, including but not limited to injury sustained while traveling on highways and over rough terrain, forces of nature, falling, slipping and any accident or illness which may occur while you are enrolled in the program.

Virtual Gatherings
It is expected that you have read the description and voluntarily enroll in this specific Crones Counsel Zoom Gathering, understanding that technology or security issues may be involved in the program and not be limited to: slow or inadequate Internet speed on part of the presenter or participant, loss of Internet connectivity, video or audio distortion, and or inability to connect to the meeting.

In addition, when participating in a virtual gathering, it is expected that you have in place appropriate security programs on your electronic devices and computers. If any digital or security breach you may sustain occurs, that you understand that is your responsibility to yourself and others to deal with and not hold Crones Counsel, Inc. or the Crones Counsel Board of Directors and their officers responsible for such expenses.

Since there will be no technical support during the meeting, it is assumed that you agree to resolve any technology issues prior to the gathering, knowing that Crones Counsel. Inc. will take all precautions to make the Zoom meeting secure but cannot guarantee anonymity or complete digital security.

In consideration of the permission granted to you to participate in either an in-person or virtual gathering, on behalf of yourself, your heirs, your legal representatives, you release and discharge Crones Counsel, Inc. and the Crones Counsel Board of Directors and their officers from liability or for any injuries or property loss or damage you may sustain while participating in the above activity. We expect that you fully realize and accept the responsibility to yourself and your companions to carry out all program activities according to Crones Counsel procedures and in a safe and prudent manner. This release does not apply to acts of gross negligence or wanton and reckless conduct.

By registering for a Crones Counsel event, you are assumed to grant Crones Counsel, Inc. and its representatives the right to take photographs of you during that in-person or virtual gathering. You also understand that Crones Counsel is authorized to assign and transfer these photos to copyright, and to use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. It is also understood that Crones Counsel, Inc. may use such photographs with or without your name for any lawful purpose, including, for example, for publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.