Crones Counsel Update, March 30, 2015

A Message from Susan Ann 

“The patriarchy’s time has run out.  What new cultural pattern will secure for humanity a new lease on life on earth?”

-Edward C. Whitmont, The Return of the Goddess

Crones Counsel, I truly believe, has been, and is, on the threshold edge of a paradigm shift in women’s lives, and in the culture at large, that is too deep to be denied, and much too necessary to be negated.   For 23 years now, we have been meeting together, exploring one very important aspect of the incremental rise in a “new cultural pattern” that 52% of the human race seems to be midwifing.  In essence, we have been exploring women’s relational power to see things in whole gestalts, to see mutuality, to see how things constellate and intersect, to understand process – all under the umbrella of the Crone, the Wise Old Woman.  Understandably, establishing a new cultural pattern  is not just the work of the old Crone, although the archetype allows for us, indeed gives us permission, to bring forth women’s wisdom, women’s ways of knowing, into all of our relations.  It is the work of all women, all aspects of the newly evolved four-fold archetype- Maiden, Mother, Matriarch and Crone.   What we have done is create a preparatory womb where we sit in circle with each other, sharing our journey, talking about our instinctive knowledge of how to love, honor, and respect each other, how to make things work, how to make things cohere, how to bring things together in harmony, and how to foster growth by claiming the mantle of Crone.

Under the umbrella of the Crone archetype we have learned much from each other.  Crones Counsel women have, in a sense, become evolutionary pathfinders, a vanguard of women joining together, calling for the rise of the goddess in all of her aspects as Maiden, Mother, Matriarch, and Crone.  Jean Houston (1987) tells us that:  “Many of us in research and clinical psychology have recently witnessed in our research subjects and clients a remarkable activation of female principles, archetypes, and goddesses.  The recent proliferation of books, articles, and conferences on the ‘rise of the goddess’ is a phenomenon that has great implications for culture and consciousness.”

Our ability, yours and mine, to continue to cultivate this evolution is immense.   Our organization is ripe to further this rise of the feminine.  There is an opening now for all of us to contribute to this ongoing flowering.  Crones Counsel is more, and does more, than just “put on” a yearly gathering.   We are creating a cultural web that fosters inclusion, kindness, acceptance, honor, respect and has the potential power to assist in “secur[ing] for humanity a new lease on life.”

Mt. Shasta is Calling

Mt. Shasta is calling all of us to come together under her majestic splendor.  The energy of the call has been profound.  More than 120 women have already registered for the next gathering in October!  Our goal to have all the chalets inhabited by Crones Counsel women is 50% accomplished.

Many of you heard the call in January and registered right away.  We now invite you to gather your women friends, your mothers, your daughters, and your granddaughters and encourage them to join with you in the experience.   Lani Phillips and Melinda Field have a rich and powerful experience planned for an intergenerational conversation, a meeting of all ages, under the umbrella of Crone.  We will be able to learn from each other, both young and old, glean understanding, and celebrate and honor our eldest women with all ages present to witness their great wit and wisdom.

It seems we have been surfing a very large wave.   We rode it to the top – many of you rode the wave, sent your registrations in right away – it was a breathtaking, exhilarating ride.   Then we all sat on the beach for awhile, luxuriating in the ecstasy of the victory.  It is now time to get up and ride the wave again.  Let’s make 2015 a spectacular year!  Get back on the wave and ride it high.   Bring your friends and family to the Gathering.  We know you can do it!

We will be right there alongside of you, bringing our love and devotion to all the women who will gather with us by your invitation.

This is the year to invite every woman you know!

Let’s make it happen.

A Message from Lani and Melinda

We feel so fortunate to be connected to a circle whose purpose is to glean the wisdom seeds of older women and plant them in the future’s garden.  As we “Counsel” with each other by telling our personal and unique stories we exchange ideas about what it means to be a crone and we question just what our work in the world is.   We like Shauna Adix’s definition:  CEO = Crone Empowering Others.  Whether it be giving loving care to a grandchild, mentoring a teen or helping a new mother, as leaders, counselors, grandmothers, and aunties we now have wisdom and diverse life experiences to offer.  As we spread our love, light and knowledge we celebrate this opportunity to pass on what we know.

We are so excited to host Crones Counsel 2015!   Our theme, The Eternal Spiral, celebrates and honors this infinite life path of birth, death and rebirth.  We will circle at the base of beautiful Mt. Shasta which is one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of The World, allowing the individual the opportunity to receive the peace and tranquility she emanates.   Mount Shasta Resort ( is nestled near Mt. Shasta with a 360 degree view of spectacular beauty.  There will be Crones Counsel activities, drumming, dancing, workshops, honoring ceremonies and a half day of opportunity to explore the magic of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding area.

This gathering is limited to only 200 women, and so far in the first month of registration, over 120 women have registered. It is so important to reserve your spot now before June 1st, 2015!!

We look forward to another amazing Crones Counsel celebration in the spirit of all the past gatherings!!

Lani & Melinda


By Simone La Drumma

when I am not
— like when I am dancing –
some piece of Truth
breaks loose from the ceiling
and hits me on the head
so hard
I fall to my knees
and I laugh
or I cry
and I think
Oh! So that’s how it is!
And then I tell my friends
what I just learned
and I repeat it
over and over,
loving the sound of my own voice,
until the little piece of Truth
just one more tile
in the ceiling
ready to break loose
and bonk me on the head