Get Ready to Experience Utah

The Salt Lake City Crones Group urges you to prepare for your visit to our beautiful town. Crones Counsel 25 is being held at a Conference Center on the campus of the University of Utah (U. of U.) The mascot of the University of Utah is a Ute Indian. So to cheer our team, just shout GO UTES! (Incidentally, since it became unpopular to have Indian tribes as mascots, the leaders at the University had Pow Wows with the leaders of the Ute Tribe.) The Ute Tribe gave permission for the U. of U. to keep the Utes as their symbol and mascots.

The reason you need to know this is that on Saturday afternoon, October 7, participants of our Counsel will have free time to explore what the area has to offer to tourists, insiders and outsiders, and mostly Football Fans of the U. of U.! There is a football game that will be played at the Stadium. This means that there is excitement in the air and the tailgaters and rabid fans of the UTES will be visible all around you. Traffic gets snarled before and after the game. The energy level and noise level goes up too. You will hear the cheers of the roaring crowd from your room. This whole scenario will likely take you back to your college days and bring up memories of when you were a MAIDEN. Pretty exciting!

Another important thing to prepare for is our dry climate. We urge you to drink lots of water, and will remind you during your stay. Utah is an arid desert that has a good water supply and created early irrigation systems. We also encourage you to bring a reusable water mug. We are conscious stewards of the earth.

There is a need to prepare your mind set if you intend to have a glass of wine or a cocktail with dinner. The University of Utah is a zero alcohol campus. So, there is no bar in the hotel. The Guest House allows guests to bring alcohol into your rooms and provides a refrigerator in every room. So, if you are driving, you may want to bring your own supply or plan to visit a local State owned and operated Liquor store. There is a liquor store within a mile of the hotel and we will provide you a map of how to get there. The hotel shuttle will take you over there or to any restaurant nearby. It is possible to order alcoholic beverages in most restaurants. Those of us who are native Utahans have developed unique expertise in how to enjoy an alcoholic beverage if we want one. So, we encourage you to get to know us Salt Lake City gals, if you find you need some insider tips!

Perhaps the most important thing to prepare you is for the absolute beauty and grandeur of our mountains! You will be surrounded by mountains. Our mountains are the Wasatch Range, part of the Rockies. They are close and accessible. It is just 25 miles to Park City where you can visit the Olympic Luge facility and the 2002 Olympic Ski jumps. It is only a short walk up the trails on the foot hills behind our hotel to see a panoramic view of autumn splendor.

Most of all, prepare you to be welcomed and to bask in the energy of wonderful women who join in the circle to celebrate life and share our stories. This year we have several women who are coming all the way from the United Kingdom! We can’t wait to see you!