2013 CCXXI Pacific Grove, CA


Crones Counsel XXI
September 11-15, 2013
Asilomar Conference Ctr, Pacific Grove, CA
Soaring High

2013-asilomarAs Maiden, we tested our wings, reaching out one, then the other, searching for balance. Our wings flap tentatively,  or boldly, exploring the joy of flight.

As Mother, we spread our wings, in protection for children, and the Earth from the ravages of wars and greed.  We spread our wings for human and animal rights, for the right to be valued and treated with respect.  We explore a woman’s right to FLY!

As Matriarch, we hold our wings closer, contemplating life’s creations: fertile fields of words and music, children, success and failure, pain and joy. We look to those who have flown before us, the Grandmothers, Aunts and Mothers, for inspiration as we stand strong in our power.

As Crone, we soar!  Acknowledging the past and the present, we look into the future, soaring peacefully and resolutely on the currents of the ever-expanding mystery.

Comments on the Gathering: Memories We Savor
By Dottie White, Honored Elder

Dottie White

How wonderful it was to be honored as an elder at beautiful Asilomar. Sharing that adventure with my daughter Wendy was priceless.

What draws one to Crones Counsel and what memories do we savor on our return? For me it is seeing old friends and making new friends as we share our stories. When women offer their stories of deep wisdom and courage, our hearts expand. This is especially true in the Wisdom Circles. The intimate sharing of stories in the small circles enables us to form closer bonds.

And as Crones we laughed together. There was a lot of nonsense and fun as we gathered around the tables at mealtime. Belly laughs abounded at the Follies. We like to have fun and it was evident as talented Crones performed a variety of acts.

For a Colorado gal, the ocean is a big draw. I loved walking the beach and watching the surfers. It is also a place for quiet reflection. Our hearts and minds were drawn to the disaster in Colorado as flooding mountain streams destroyed roads, bridges, and communities.

We do indeed soar when we are in community together. Thanks to all the wonderful women who worked so hard to make this event possible. As for me, I can’t wait until we can be together again.

Soaring High
By Nere Lartitegui, San Diego

Nere Lartitegui

“Soaring High” was the theme: “To rise, fly or glide high and with little apparent effort.” That definition of soaring greatly expresses how I felt during those days, and after that, now, back in my everyday life.

I felt validated in who I am and what I am about, without comparisons, additions or discounts, validated exactly for who I am. I didn’t realize how important validation was for me, until I received it. Wow, how soothing and empowering validation is. It’s like those 100+ women with their presence and energy were shouting to my being: who you are is valuable, unique; we are thankful for having you in our midst.

I believe making myself quite visible and involved made the whole experience more valuable to me, receiving enriching input from other crones. I could feel the sincerity in their comments. Truly I felt empowered with the validation.

And then inspired! Witnessing you, listening to your stories and receiving your authenticity was quite inspiring.

I felt inspired, inspired to be the best, authentic, possible me. Now, back home, I feel empowered and inspired to continue my cherished old involvements, as well as adding new ones as part of my soaring. And I plan to do all that with ease, just soaring with all of you, my special birds in migration.

Thank you to all of you at Crones Counsel for your unconditional love and acceptance you poured out. I received it with an open heart. And it made a difference. Until Crones Counsel 2014 in St. George, Utah.

Whether Joyous or Heartbreaking
by Claudia Van Gerven

Claudia Van Gerven

What most intrigued me about Crones Counsel XXI was the way the weather seemed to amplify what I love best about all of Crones Counsel. When I arrived in Asilomar, it was brilliantly sunny. By the time I got to the beach, dark clouds loomed behind the last surfers and bobbing kelp forest. And I came out of Crones Counsel 2013 both of those weathers were beautiful!

This Year was the best so far. I have always loved the sweet and empowered sense of Crones Counsel because it is one of the few places where I of feeling validated and inspired. I can show up just as I am—all of me—and where others will show up as whole people too. I can laugh till it hurts — laugh at yourself or share your most painful secret is a blessing we’re not often allowed in our culture. Because Crones Counsel is a sacred space, everything becomes sacred—laughter, tears, and everything in between. But I can also cry when a member of my circle has the courage and trust to share a heartache. I love storytelling precisely because the stories – whether joyous or heartbreaking – are real. To be in a space where you can laugh at yourself or share your most painful secret is a blessing we’re not often allowed in our culture. Because Crones Counsel is a sacred space, everything becomes sacred—laughter, tears, and everything in between.