2013 CCXXI Pacific Grove, CA

SoaringHigh2013LogoCrones Counsel XXI

September 11-15, 2013

Asilomar Conference Ctr, Pacific Grove, CA

2013-asilomarAs Maiden, we tested our wings, reaching out one, then the other, searching for balance. Our wings flap tentatively,  or boldly, exploring the joy of flight.

As Mother, we spread our wings, in protection for children, and the Earth from the ravages of wars and greed.  We spread our wings for human and animal rights, for the right to be valued and treated with respect.  We explore a woman’s right to FLY!

As Matriarch, we hold our wings closer, contemplating life’s creations: fertile fields of words and music, children, success and failure, pain and joy. We look to those who have flown before us, the Grandmothers, Aunts and Mothers, for inspiration as we stand strong in our power.

As Crone, we soar!  Acknowledging the past and the present, we look into the future, soaring peacefully and resolutely on the currents of the ever-expanding mystery.