2011 CCXIX Portland, OR


Crones Counsel XIX was held in Portland, Oregon on October 12 – 16th, 2011 at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel on the scenic Williamette River near downtown Portland, near Portland State University and many other top attractions. The theme was “Images.”


CRONES COUNSEL:  A Safe and Enjoyable Place To Be

By Hilda Tonarely, Sacramento, CA

Attending my first Crones Counsel in Portland this past October was an exhilarating and full experience. I invited my long-time friend, Tannia, to join me, and she invited her other long-time friend, Yvonne, to also join us.

It was the perfect chance and location (we were coming from California, Washington, and Portland respectively) for us to bond, to make new friendships and spiritual connections.

All three of us fell in love with the Counsel theme song, “By Breath” . Yvonne kindly purchased a CD for each of us. I particularly cherished the Honoring the Elders Ceremony, witnessing how amazing and what role models are each of those women. It was gratifying to spend time with women in different age groups and to know that although our lives are all different, we travel similar paths.

The Counsel provides a platform for many women to share their experiences, happy and sad, to be heard and acknowledged. Other highlights were all the singing — serious and funny songs, the talent show, the large-group and small-group sharing in our circles. I enjoyed the Joyful Voice workshop with Simone and a journaling workshop I attended.

The Crones Counsel felt like a safe and enjoyable place to be.

Check some really great photos of the Gathering on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CronesCounsel

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