2007 CCXV Asilomar, Pacific Grove California

CCXV BANNER_0September 5 – 9, 2007
“Celebrating Wise Women”
Refuge By The Sea
Asilomar, CA

Crones Counsel XV was held at Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California.

I still have a warm feeling from all those beautiful women so accepting of themselves and of each other.
Mary Egan

DRUMMING_0This was my first Crones Counsel and I loved everything! I loved Asilomar although I was so busy attending all the wonderful workshops that I hardly got to the beach. It was wonderful to see all the women who never get a chance to drum, drumming to their heart’s content — and dancing! OH THAT WAS FUN! Betsy Rose was terrific. I loved seeing all those women singing together. You could tell they were really into it. The Honoring of the Elders was quite touching — for those being honored — and for those that honored them. What a lovely idea to have a gorgeous scarf to wear afterwards — in case you couldn’t believe it had really happened to you! How nice to have little “shops” so you could take home a souvenir of your time with all your new friends or a gift of learning for yourself. I still 2007-asilomarhave a warm feeling from all those beautiful women so accepting of themselves and of each other.
Mary Egan

The high from Wise Women Counsel is still with me. The Elder Ceremony was overwhelming, wonderful, and deeply moving. I can close my eyes and remember the hundred hugs and kisses. The beautiful beaded scarf gift from the ceremony is my favorite accessory. Today I am a different person. I celebrate aging. I have energy for creative projects. Most importantly, I feel valuable, useful, grounded, and whole. Since our Counsel meeting my life has expanded into new exciting areas. Thank you.
Pat Palmer

Asilomar Crones Conference was amazing. I found a missing part of my life: older women role models. I am young by Crone standards, 64. I established friendships, relationships with wise, talented, educated women that I admire and wish to emulate. I was amazed by the variety of women — ages, backgrounds, and varying levels of tolerance for me, a relative newcomer. Instant acceptance by many, wisdom imparted in our small circle, lasting friendship and support. The experience of Asilomar Crones week made my life even richer.
Dianne Theil McNinch