2004 CCXII Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Crones Counsel CCXII
Sacred Play!

2004-las-vegasThere was excitement in the air as we checked into the hotel in Las Vegas. We had come to play, connect and again be embraced in the circle of crones. Laughter, hugs and joy spontaneously erupted as one-by-one, old friends met in the lobby of the hotel. Crones Counsel’s magic welcomed her sisters, old and new, to play in Las Vegas. Now, I would be the first to say I had my doubts about Las Vegas, the city. Never once did I question the Pahrump crones who took up the task of hosting CCXII.

A circle of friends had come together to drum with Mahtowin and Marta, during their winter stay in Pahrump. Now, you know if these two are about, things are happening. Four of these women from Pahrump attended their first CC Gathering in Boise. The rest of the women had never been to a Crones Counsel. And they said they would host CCXII!

Host it they did. What an outstanding job! They invited us to come play and we did. We were welcomed by jesters, given our playing money and then entered a room filled with stuffed toys which were donated to a local shelter. In this main meeting room hung the banners from all the previous CC’s years along with magnificent drawings by Michele Lester. We had fun introducing ourselves to each other. As you might surmise, women (crones no less) introducing themselves to each other is like herding cats. Off we went to connect and re-connect; now getting us back—well? CCXII had begun.

Storytelling is always the highlight of CC. When we stand in our truth and speak from the heart, walls that seem between us come tumbling down. Storytelling connects us all. We laugh, we cry, we are one.

Crone circles have been a tradition at CC and we again found our circles. I love how we have learned how to improvise. As we started to go to our circles, we realized the cards had some tricks of their own. We found the perfect circles for ourselves and settled in. In these smaller circles we have the opportunity to be authentic, for you are surrounded with unconditional listening. Unconditional love and listening is like drinking sweet nectar. It has the power to empower all who experience this gift.

CC would not be CC if we did not celebrate the wisdom and age among us. It is time to honor our elders, those who have walked this earth walk longer than any of us. It is time we walk this talk. It is by our actions that we know our hearts. If there is a line anywhere, at any time, and our elders are present, step aside, for they should not be kept waiting. No words need be spoken. (a lesson from a very wise woman among us). Our culture is void of how we treat our elders with respect. We can be the change.

Crone Follies, the talent and fun that we are graced with each year is one of the highlights of CC. This year it was hard to get through Thanksgiving—every turkey was a self-effacing turkey. How could I cook this bird; shouldn’t we sit down and have a discussion instead? We drummed, danced, sang and went to workshops—we empowered each other as we reclaimed the wise woman.

Within the circle there are many circles that cannot be measured. They are not planned, but we innately understand them. It is the circle of the crone. Pahrump Crones and Maggie( a very wise, young Cronite) you invited us to play in Las Vegas and we did. Thanks from the bottom of my heart—still have the Ace in my pocket.

I will be marking my calendar until we meet again in San Diego. After San Diego’s presentation of “Crone Vibrations”, I don’t think you want to miss Crones Counsel XIII.
See you in San Diego!
– Sharon Hoery