Family History/Genealogy- Who Am I? – Special Workshop at CC25

Pre-registration required

Have you ever considered looking into who your ancestors are and where they came from? You have probably seen a variety of television programs that show certain celebrities tracing the history of their families. It really is fascinating to see how a family search reveals new information and unknown connections to stories of courage, risk, change, talents, accomplishments that represent ancestors on a family tree. Understanding the lives of your progenitors seems to broaden the answers to “who am I?”

There are a number of methods and differing companies that will help you uncover your past for a fee. Many people are paying to swab their DNA to have an analysis that gives a detailed print out of your gene pool origins. There is a resource that is headquartered in Salt Lake City that provides the best collection of public records, ship manifests, photos and even stories about people who lived all around the world. This amazing resource is called the LDS Family History Library. This library is sponsored by the LDS (Mormon) Church and is offered free to the general public without charge. For the past 110 plus years the Mormon church has collected pertinent records from all over the world that make it possible to search the history of your family. The collection is on-line or you can visit the Library Center or its satellites for assistance with finding the right path to the information you seek.

Crones Counsel is providing a coordinated workshop and field trip to the Family History Library for participants at this year’s gathering. If you have ever wanted to have help to get started to explore your family genealogy, or help when you need some direction or reach a dead-end, this is a great opportunity for you to jump start getting to know your personal family history. Laura Osburn is a local Salt Lake Crone who has done lots of work in exploring her own genealogy. She has used the Family History Library extensively, and has knowledge and passion for the discovery process. Laura has many of her own artifacts to share with you and will lead this two part workshop and coordinate a field-trip excursion to the downtown center on Friday afternoon October 7 , and during free time on Saturday afternoon October 8. To be able to accommodate this workshop group, we must ask that you pre-register in advance. We will most likely need to limit the size of the group to 25 and will do so on a first come, first registration basis.

If you are interested and want to pre-register you may do so by emailing Laura Osburn at: there is no cost for this workshop. Get more information here:

Once you have registered Laura will contact you and provide you with the information you need to fill out and bring with you to the workshop.

Download the complete Pre-Gathering Information Guide.