Facebook House Rules

Crones Counsel 27 is a group for women who are planning to come to the Crones Counsel Gathering 27 on September 4-8, 2019 in Tucson, AZ. It is a place to share your plans and excitement for Crones Counsel.

Please read the guidelines for this group. They are here so participants in this group may feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Be advised that any posts not following the rules may be deleted. The poster may receive a gentle reminder or two. If someone continues to disregard the rules set down here, she may be removed from the group.

Members are not allowed to add anyone to the group. Anyone wishing to join must ask and be approved by an administrator.

This group is for women only.

This is a place for questions, discussions, needs, requests, sharing, and observations surrounding this year’s gathering. It is a place to find roommates, rides or anything you may be curious about.

This is NOT a place for self-promotions of ANY KIND including books, art, classes, business, services, etc. These posts will be removed.

Posts relevant to crones’ issues are perfectly fine but keep in mind the fine line between sharing general information and promotion of a product or service.

Let’s keep it positive. Negative remarks concerning another member or excessive complaining about past CC’s is discouraged. That being said, if there are issues you have questions about you may message me or any of the admins and we will try to help, or bring it to the planners.

These guidelines will be updated as needed.

We will keep you informed on what’s going on regarding the gathering.

Suzanne Gruba, Win Fiandaca and Andrea Hartwig