Crones Counsel XXV, Salt Lake City, Utah

Crones Counsel XXV
October 4-8, 2017
25th Anniversary Jubilee
University Guest House & Conference Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Weaving the Silver Threads
of Past, Present, & Future”

Crones Counsel 25
By Maggie Fenton, Mother Board Member

Maggie Fenton

Wasn’t it a great gathering? What did you like best? I haven’t had lots of time for reflection since I’ve been home but am looking forward to just remembering. The pictures that are being posted on the Facebook page certainly bring it back. I think, for me, it will be the faces .. I love your faces, you beautiful Crones! I recommend that each of you take a turn getting to the front of the room next year just so you see all the beautiful faces looking back at you.

There was lots of laughter .. I remember that. There were also some tears … remember those too. There were a couple of times that I was just awestruck by the wonder of this phenomena .. this gathering of wise women .. that has continued for twenty-five years. It has become a ‘homecoming’ for me – a chance to hug and be hugged, a place of shared joy & sorrow, a place where I can continue learning and growing, a place where I can share my story and hear other stories, a place where I can be me, warts and all!

I’ve been to conferences, taken various workshops, gone through intensive education and training in spiritual pursuits but nothing in my journey compares to this gathering. It is rare and special and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Thank you Shauna, Ann, and all the originators. We’ll keep your torch burning.

Crones 2017
By Rosemary Lucier, Wise Woman Crone, Grover Beach, CA

Rosemary Lucier

“Crone years are growing years, when women can devote their time, energy, and creativity to what really matters to them.”

Those words opened the 25th Crones Counsel in Salt Lake City and prompted me to write about my experience at Crones.

I come to Crones Counsel because it is a place to celebrate our experiences, to honor ourselves and our elders, to speak our truth and to hear other women’s truth.

We joined together in weaving the threads of our lives. We cried together, learned together, and played together. The highlights for me were the daily sharing of stories—stories ranging from the depth of our beings to the heavenly, from tears to laughter; the small wisdom circles which covered topics from family, sisterhood, aging and death and culminated in closer bonds with each other; and the honoring of our wise, funny, strong elders which was preceded by a delightful playful dancing session with balls, scarves and crones bouncing and swaying all over the room. These memories will remain with me until we meet again.

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