Crones Counsel Newsletter – May 2017

By Janet Morrissey

“While most women understand how to nurture or to mother others, few of us have become skilled at mothering ourselves.” -Ann G. Thomas, The Women We Become

The farther we progress into the aging process, the more need there is for self-mothering.  Often we have put others first and left our needs and sometimes wants far behind.  At some point we come to a crossroad, wondering who or what can care and love us?  Left alone, we must forge on and find some resolve to provide the best life for ourselves.  For the first time in our lives we may find we have the time to explore what we want and how to get it. We wonder how we can be happy.

I remember the first time I heard that no one can make me truly happy but myself.  It seemed strange to me, but I learned that when I am fulfilled from within, I can reach out more to others and find that sense of wholeness and joy.  Reaching that sweet spot within is through silence and solitude. My job is to limit my activities, slowing down and quietly emptying my mind of everything.  I know that this seemingly simple use of time will bring me a sense of peace, joy and contentment.  Deep down, this is what I need, but often, I lack the discipline and perseverance.  Isn’t it strange that I pass up spending my time in this manner, yet know how much this can restore my sense of happiness and joy?

What can you do this Mother’s Day to nurture yourself?  What brings you the love and comfort of a Mother’s love?  Ask yourself, “What do I want right now?”  Listen to what you hear or see or even smell.  It may mean taking some action or doing nothing.  Remember, this is all about you.  You have mothered everyone enough.  It’s your turn to Mother yourself.

Crones Counsel Mother Board Meets in SLC
By Suzanne Gruba

The Crones Counsel Mother Board met April 21-23 at the University Guest House in Salt Lake City, site of the Crones Counsel 2017 Gathering. This Gathering, the 25th Anniversary of Crones Counsel, will be October 4-8, 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to experience the site firsthand and conduct routine business for the organization. The Mothers were very impressed with the SLC site and are hoping that you will be too! Get more information or register now.

New Crones Counsel Board Member
By Maggie Fenton

Maggie Fenton

It was with some fear and trepidation that I took on this Mother Board role, following in the footsteps of so many wise women before me.  However, the beautiful Crones on the Board provided a very soft landing and I knew I had made the right choice.   My first Crones Counsel was in Utah in 1998 and although I haven’t made every one since then, I’ve been to a good many of them.   Over the years, I’ve listened and learned from so many wise women. Like you, I’ve laughed, had many “Aha!” moments, cried both tears of joy and tears of sorrow, been comforted and comforted others and always left replenished and ready for the next adventure in my Crone journey.     The few years when I couldn’t make the gathering, it felt that something major was missing.   Crones Counsel is my Tribe.  I will do my very best to serve you well.

Archives Committee Meets
By Kathy Puffer

The Archives Committee, composed of Janet Osborne, Kathy Puffer, annie/Nancy Lehto and Kaye Chatterton, met in Salt Lake City on April 21st. They have selected as their first task, arranging  the materials they have received related to previous Crones Counsel gatherings. Janet  will be taking on the major responsibility for this. She and Kaye will be working together on the materials so far collected. When there is a need, they will announce the dates they will be meeting to Kathy and annie/Nancy, inviting them to join them.

This is the Place to be in October
By Linda Taylor, Local Planning Group Member

“This is the Place to be in October” says Linda Taylor, Crone, and your humble reporter.  “I declare historic Fort Douglas and the Olympic Village Guest House is as close as can be to “a perfect place” for Crones Counsel 25!!

The environment around the Guest House is gorgeous and very walkable.
“A picture is worth a thousand words.“

Beautiful place to sit walk and enjoy the scenery overlooking Salt Lake City.






Guest House Rooms are compact but the amenities are really great and meetings and gatherings are on the same floor so we will be seeing our friends as we come and go.

Resources of the University are available for our use; small “white bus/van” transport is free and covers all of the campus, which is quite large;  Museums and Gardens may have a small fee.  Always ask for the Senior rate.  Local city busses costs anyone over 65 $1.50 (exact change) RT (if you ask for a transport pass and use it within about two and half hours.)  You can ride all the way to the airport or just downtown or into the surrounding suburbs.” And the TRAX (local train/trams) cost the same and there is a stop just at the foot of the Guest House that comes every twenty minutes.

If you want to take a walk and have lunch on the campus, there is a nearby student cafeteria that we can use also… and it is also accessible by one of the small white vans.  They feature all sorts of options for those of us who are lactose or gluten or whatever intolerant.  The prices are affordable and there are a lot of stations, salads, pizza, entrees, hamburgers, and more, so you can chose a different one every day you eat there.