Crones Counsel Newsletter, May 2, 2016

Dreaming in the Dark

by Starhawk
Somewhere, there are people
To whom we can speak with passion
Without having words catch in our throats.

Somewhere a circle of hands will open and receive us.
Eyes will light up as we enter,
Voices will celebrate with us,
Whenever we come into our own power.

Community means strength that joins our strength.
To do the work that needs to be done,
Arms to hold us when we falter,

A circle of healing.
A circle of friends.
Someplace where we can be free.

Janet Morrissey writes:
Starhawk was not speaking about Crones Counsel, but that is immediately where my thoughts went.  I thought about the “Wisdom Circles” where we can speak freely with passion, knowing we are safe.  Crones are free to laugh, cry and remember the good times and the sad times.

I was rereading some of the past Crones Times and several articles shared their first impressions of the Gathering. The idea of family kept coming up and feeling accepted unconditionally.  Each session at the Gathering offers many surprises and even some magic.

You might ask, from reading the poem, what work needs to be done?  As older women, we know how invisible we have become and often dismissed.  We know that the term “Crone” to most people does not reflect the true meaning of the word: a wise woman of wisdom who has been crowned in glory.  Our value is diminished because of the image that society projects, but each of us leaves the Gathering feeling stronger, standing straighter willing to share our wisdom.  We can recall the messages we received, giving us courage to claim our rightful position in society.

We invite you to be present at the Denver Gathering to be part of the circle, giving and receiving the energy of the Crone. Get more information or register now.

Crones Counsel XXIV Reminders

  • Register for the Gathering on our website,
  • Reserve your room at the Renaissance Hotel by 6/21/16 to receive complimentary parking.
    Call 1-888-228-9290 or reserve your room via this link.
  • Sign up for the Facebook Crones Counsel XXIV to get information and dialogue about the gathering.
  • Look for the Pre-Gathering Information email in July for free time suggestions and airport transportation details.

Basic Schedule for CC 2016 Denver

Wednesday, Sept. 21
7:00 pm – Opening Ceremony, Meet & Greet, Grand Opening of the Artisans Bazaar

Thursday, Sept. 22
Equinox Ceremony, Storytelling, Wisdom Circles, Workshops, Poetry evening

Friday, Sept. 22
Storytelling, Wisdom Circles, Luncheon Banquet, Honoring of Elders & Decades
Free Time (from 2:30 p.m. on)

Saturday, Sept. 23
Storytelling, Wisdom Circles, Workshops, Crone Follies

Sunday, Sept 24
Outreach Presentation, Closing Ceremony, ends at 11:00 am

Newly Formed Crones Counsel Archives Committee

By Kathy Puffer, Crones Counsel Secretary
The Archives Committee, newly formed by the Mother Board, has four members including the Chairwoman, Janet Osborne. Janet [the Board informally calls her ‘Janet O’ so there’s no confusion between Janet Morrissey, aka Janet M, and Janet O] first asked the Board to give her guidelines regarding what the Mother Board wanted her committee to accomplish.

Crones Counsel Inc. has always been aware of their uniqueness as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the older woman as she ages. Archival materials have been stored, used for research; and referred to by the Board, particularly when there has been a question about the origin of a Gathering tradition.

By preserving our Crones Counsel history, we are sharing with our culture of older women the changes that have occurred in our organization in the past 24 years. We also will be able to offer a rich resource for anyone wishing to engage in research related to our population.

My responsibility is as liaison between the Committee and the Board. Please contact me if you have any questions, insights, or enthusiasm about our new committee,