Crones Counsel Newsletter – March 2017

The Poet Comments on Yet Another Approaching Spring
By Mary Oliver

Don’t flowers put on their
Prettiness each spring and
Go to it with
Everything they’ve got? Who
Would criticize the bed of
Yellow tulips or the blue
So put a
Bracelet on your
Ankle with a
Bell on it and make a
Little music for
The earth beneath your foot, or
Wear a hat with hot-colored
Ribbons for the
Pleasure of the
Leaves and the clouds, or at least
A ring with a gleaming
Stone for your finger; yesterday
I watched a mother choose
Exquisite ear-ornaments for someone
Beloved, in the spring
Of her life; they were
For her for sure, but also it seemed
A promise, a love message, a commitment
To all girls, and boys too, so
Beautiful and hopeful in this hard world
And young.

What does spring make you think of?  Hats? Ribbons?  Rings and things?
How does your spirit recognize spring?  What thoughts are stirred up in you?
Do you get out in nature?  Do you refresh your garden?  What calls to you?

Spring is in the direction of the east, where we may claim new beginnings and the flowing of fresh, sparkling air all around us.  Remember the thought, spring is in the air, motivating us to move our bodies out of doors.  Some of you may not have spring yet, but you may feel something beginning to stir within you.  Perhaps a longing for the smells and feel of spring.

When we think of air, we may be reminded of our breath and being more mindful, slowing down and relaxing, letting go of heaviness and baggage, finding what we want to bring new into our lives.  What new ideas are circulating within you?  This is the time of the year to be adventurous and to create something new for yourself.

Read Mary Oliver’s poem again and listen to what calls you.

Make your spring fit your wants and needs.

Love you all,


Crones Counsel Mother Board Meeting
By Kathy Puffer, Crones Counsel Secretary

In April, the Crones Counsel Mother Board holds their Spring Board meeting at Fort Douglas, aka University Guest House and Conference Center at the University of Utah. Traditionally the Board meets at the site of the annual gathering, and this gathering is special: the 25th anniversary of Crones Counsel gatherings.

From April 21st through the 23rd, the Board will be visiting the venue. Kaye Chatterton as Chair of the 2017 Gathering will give a tour of the meeting rooms, dining area, guest quarters, etc. The CCMB will be asking Local Planning Committee members questions and answering questions as well.

The formal Board meeting agenda includes the President’s official review of Board activities for the past 12 months. Janet also will ask the CCMB to set individual goals related to their position on the Board. Suzanne, our Web Mother, will give the Board a two hour workshop showing ways to better use Facebook.

Specific topics on the formal agenda include the continuing need to encourage women who have an interest in sharing their personal talents by becoming a member of the Board; how to better advertise the annual gathering to younger women, especially those over 40; and where will the 2018 Gathering be held.

(Things You May or May Not Know About Utah)
By Kaye Chatterton

Hello sister Crones. As you know, the next Crone Gathering will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 4-8, 2017. Once again we wish to welcome you to this amazing place. I was born here and have lived here most of my entire life.  I tried to escape but it did not stick. I thought it may be of interest to tell you about the history and “inside truth” to break some stereotypes that you might have and also to help you to be able to assimilate into our unique culture when you come to visit.

Legend has it that when the Mormon Pioneers came down Emigration Canyon to the edge of the huge Salt Lake Valley, their leader Brigham Young proclaimed “this is the place”.  The first pioneer company arrived July 22, 1847.  The party was made up of 143 men – including three African Americans, three women, two children and 72 wagons. Two other companies arrived before winter and together they created a home in the wilderness. And so the story of Utah began.  The Native American population before white settlement is a matter of guesswork, but a figure of 40,000 is sometimes sited. There were a number of different tribes including the Ute, Shoshone, Navajo, Paiutes and Goshutes living in the broad expanse that became the Utah Territory.

The United States Congress denied Utah’s first SIX applications for statehood over issues of polygamy and the LDS Church’s control of local politics.  It took fifty years and the abandonment of polygamy in 1890 to pave the way for statehood six years later. Utah became the 45th State to join the union.

President Cleveland refused to allow a Utah delegation to witness the signing of the statehood declaration, saying it was just routine business. Only the President and his secretary Mr. Thurber were present.

Utah’s statehood proclamation was signed on January 4, 1896, but the celebration took place two days later so it wouldn’t fall on a Sunday.

Amazing fact: Utah women were given the vote in 1870-the second territory in the nation to give women this privilege.

Martha Maria Hughes Cannon, polygamous wife of Angus Cannon, earned a medical degree from the University of Michigan at age 23.  In 1897 she defeated her husband to become the first female state senator in Utah and the whole U. S; The Salt Lake Tribune called her the best man for the job! Martha was the mother of three, a faithful Mormon, and independent thinker who worked for women’s rights.  The Utah Department of Health building is named for her.

Most doctors in Utah in the 1800’s in Utah were women.

And so dear Crones, I hope you begin to get an idea about the incredible women of Utah. They were pioneers, strong, determined, hardworking, nurturing, intelligent and integral to the fabric of society and the history of Utah.  (Why, they even shared husbands…more about that later).
This is the first in a brief series I will be posting on our Facebook pages to share with you stories about Utah and its women.

Ann Emerson soon to turn 103

Below is a 2016 Christmas photo of Ann Emerson taken with friends and staff at Golden Prairie Home in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Ann is a going concern and will turn 103 on May 31st, 2017.

This photo was sent to Ann’s Crone 1 group which she started circa 1995 in Anacortes, Washington.  Crone 1 continues to date and when they saw this photo, they suggested it be sent to the Crones Counsel newsletter.

Ann’s daughter, Lynn Emerson, is in the process of republishing her mother’s life story, website and anthology of poetry.  The original anthology was 82 years but while digitizing family photos and memorabilia Lynn found unpublished poetry.

Lynn can be reached at or by phone 306-695-200l.  We would love to hear from you.

Ann Emerson at 103