Crones Counsel Newsletter – June 2017

By Janet Morrissey

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.
—Robert Frost

Did you grow up in a place that had fireflies?  Or perhaps, you live in a place now that has their magic.  I was fortunate to grow up with this wondrous insect, signaling a sign of summer.  To be a witness to their charm was taken for granted, always fun to chase and collect.  I would and still do proclaim delight that they have arrived and are here to brighten and soften my life.

Lilacs are similar; however, they come in early spring but hold magic much like the firefly.  Fireflies shine a small, blinking light, whereas, lilac delight all of our senses.  Each has the capacity to intrigue and take us to a child-like state.  Oh, but we must experience them without much delay for they last such a short time, but it’s a sweetness with great joy.

Recall those glorious times of summer, “When the living is easy”, so the song from Porgy and Bess states.  Recapture the feeling of living closer to the earth and filling your senses with summertime’s treats and adventures.  Perhaps, you might make a pitcher of fresh lemonade, eat watermelon by the slice as the juice rolls out of your mouth and down your chin, or eat corn on the cob, recalling how these tasted in your maiden time.  Some night when our Great Sun has set and it gets real dark, go out and visit the twinkling stars, basking in their luminosity.

Take the time this summer to recapture your youth when summer called to you to let go and feel joyfully glad to be alive!

Crones on the Loose in SLC!
By Kaye Chatterton

Hi all you wise women! I wanted to post a note from the Salt Lake Crone Group which is hosting and planning the 25th gathering. I met with one of our committees today. We were finalizing the Pre-conference information that will be emailed to you the first of August. We had great fun and I was impressed that the group of 6 spent a day together recently actually going to the airport and riding on TRAX to the University guest house. They explored all the options for getting to and from the hotel as well as around town. They had a great time together and have astute observations from our “mature” perspective. They had lunch together at the Heritage Center on campus and gave it great reviews . I was really pleased when they reported that they were very impressed with Salt Lake City and how our home town is organized to host visitors. They will be passing their personal experience to you in the conference information we will be sending you.

Cheers to Paula Ashcraft, JoAnne Casey, Laura Osborn, Nancy Davis, Alicia Schilder et al for sharing a day as CRONES ON THE LOOSE in SLC. I suspect the city will never quite be the same again!

By Maggie Fenton

I’ve just read Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. She writes about her Near Death Experience (NDE) after her body began shutting down from cancer. It is profound account of our human experience as a spiritual being in a human body. After emerging from her experience and her complete recovery from her illness (to the astonishment of her doctors), she joined other mystics and spiritual giants in proclaiming that everything in the universe is connected and that the reason we are here is to love.

This is a wonderful sentiment that I deeply believe. I just wish I could live there more of the time. But the world creeps in – clothes still need to be laundered; the pets fed; the garden weeded; blueberries tended; dinner planned and cooked .. and before you know it, my universally connected spirit has given way to the mundane realities of my physical being. As I’m moving into my Crone years, though, I seem to pay more attention and have learned to treasure those illusive moments – the first light of morning filtering through the trees; the uncontrolled giggles of a baby lifted in his father’s arms; the comforting nuzzle of my psychic dog’s nose when I despair over the latest newsworthy report.

The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote over a century ago: “The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil.” No matter what we choose to call that Universal Force – God, Chi, Buddha, Mother Nature – it seems to always be there, surrounding us all the time – waiting for our awareness – and calling us to connect and love.

Wanted: Part-time Secretary for a non-profit corporation, no remuneration involved
By Kathy Puffer

“Get an intern,” the voice barked. “But interns aren’t paid,” I weakly replied. “Well, neither does the job,” was the rejoinder.

The Secretary for the Crones Counsel Mother Board is not a life time appointment. The major responsibility of the job is to listen carefully to what is going on and record it as briefly as possible.

Modern is as modern does. The Mother Board has monthly Skype calls. Two years ago they were 1 ½ hours long on average. Recently they have crept up to 2 hours, a practice all of us deplore. The time and date of these calls is set for the convenience of those who are still working, goddess love them. Right now it is either a Friday or a Saturday morning. There is a fast turn-around time for the minutes, two or three days, five at the most.

The job will officially be available after the 2018 Gathering. It would be a perfect world if you applied right now to shadow me and gain valuable experience in advance of the opening. I am looking for someone willing to serve for at least three years. I always wanted to be a secretary, and this appointment allowed me to live that fantasy. I know. To each his own.

Please contact if you are interested and/or have questions.

Crone Ginger Child Makes the Transition

Ginger Child of Santa Cruz, California recently made her transition. There will be more in the July Crone Times Crones Counsel Journal coming out soon.