Crones Counsel Newsletter – June 19, 2016

Prayer to the Sun
By Patti Wigington
The Sun is high above us Sun
Shining down upon the land and sea,
Making things grow and bloom.
Great and powerful Sun,
We honor you this day
And thank you for your gifts.
Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus, Aten, Svarog,
You are known by many names.
You are the light over the crops,
The heat that warms the earth,
The hope that springs eternal,
The bringer of life.
We welcome you, and we honor you this day,
Celebrating your light,
As we begin our journey once more
Into the darkness.

Crones Counsel President, Janet Morrissey writes:
On this Summer Solstice we are privileged to take part in the tradition of honoring the Sun in simple or complex rituals. The Sun stops its journey on this longest day of light  and reverses its direction toward the south, losing light day by day until the Winter Solstice. The idea of the Sun stopping and waiting for a 24 hour period is enchanting to me.  It reminds me of shifting gears.  I wonder if I need to shift my gears in some area of my life.

A simple honoring suggestion is to prepare an altar with a candle and some greenery from your garden and perhaps a flower.  You might have a statue of your favorite Goddess, or place the names of historic women whom you admire.   Richard Heinberg”s book, Celebrate the Solstice, reminds us that it’s a time to honor the feminine spirit and nature, giving thanks for all the blessings given to us.

This is a day to spend in nature by a walk or a bike ride, while listening to the bird songs or being aware of the trees and flowers, giving gratitude for your surroundings.   Great time for a picnic, too.  This day might call you to plant something small or large, in your private space or in a public area.

In addition consider celebrating by drumming, dancing and sharing this day with your friends.

Hafiz gives us another thought:
Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe Me.”
Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

Calling All Crone Poets and Poetry Lovers
By Kianna Bader
Crone Poets Are Rising Again
Once again Crones’ Counsel will be hosting an open poetry reading. Bring your poems to read or just come to listen to your sister crones’ amazing work. Join us in another unforgettable evening of Crone Poets Rising. Contact Kianna at or Claudia Van Gerven at for more info.

Crones Counsel XXIV Registration
You have until September 1st to register for this Fall’s gathering at the current rate.  Go to to register online.  Details of registration are on our website.  If you have questions regarding registering for the gathering, contact our Registrar, Annie Lehto, at

Hotel Reservations
If you have not already made your reservations with the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel, do that while there are still rooms.  Just make sure that you tell them that you are with Crones Counsel.  The rate is good until 8/28/16.  You may go directly to reserve your room through the Crones Counsel website or by calling 1-888-228-9290.  If you have questions regarding your reservation, contact Carol Friedrich at    Note:  you have until 6/21/16 to make those reservations to receive complimentary parking.

Crones Counsel XXIV Artisan’s Bazaar
As always, one of the very important parts of each gathering is the Artisan’s Bazaar, a room filled with crone-made crafts including drums, jewelry, books, pottery, costumes.  You will want to spend time looking for what you want to buy.

And, in recent years, a special “meet and greet” is planned after the opening ceremony on Wednesday evening to open the Bazaar for all to see.
Tables can still be reserved if you wish to bring your wares.  For additional information, contact mARTa Quest, coordinator, at  or call her at 541-234-4383 or 541-816-1158.

Lee McRae
June 23, 1924 – June 2, 2016
Lee McRae from Berkeley, Calif., passed away on the morning of June 2, 2016, just a few weeks before her 92nd birthday. She lived an incredibly active and full life until the very end, and was an inspiration to all who knew her. Lee was a frequent participant at Crones Counsel and will be missed by all! Read her obituary here.

Needed – Crones Counsel Marketing Person
Crones Counsel is looking for a volunteer with any marketing, publicity skills to assist with promoting Crones Counsel. Please contact president Janet Morrissey at