Crones Counsel Newsletter – January 2017

Magical Winter Weather
By Janet Morrissey

The weather has been fierce in many parts of the country.  California has rain and our mountains have snow.  In talking with our Denver women, they have had six degree weather and lots of snow, and Salt Lake City has been snowed in.  Winter has begun.  I grew up in Illinois and I can remember the complete silence after a snowstorm, and I yearn for that silence again. There is something about the white snow, holding everything within it, squeezing until there is nothing.  Slowly, something moves and slowly the return.  Magical.

The following is a quote from Brother David Steindl Rast in the monthly newsletter, “Friends of Silence”.  It’s a one page folded in half with four sides of quotes on a central theme.  The following quote is taken from the January 2016 issue.  This is my wish for you in this coming year.

May you grow still enough to hear the small noises earth makes in preparing for the long sleep of winter, so that you yourself may grow calm and grounded deep within.

May you grow still enough to hear the trickling of water seeping into the ground, so that your soul may be softened and healed, and guided in it flow.

May you grow still enough to hear the splintering of starlight in the winter sky and the roar at earth’s fiery core.

May you grow still enough to hear the stir of a single snowflake in the air, so that your inner silence may turn into hushed expectation.

North Carolina Crones Meet
By Monnda Welch

Hi all. The Chatham County, NC Crone Circle has had its first meeting. I posted a note on a community bulletin board about wanted to start a Crone Circle. There were 12 respondents and 5 showed for the first meeting. Being that this is a holiday season for most, I was happy to have that many.  We are scheduled to meet next month. I forwarded the info on how to start a Circle and we are working on that. I have ordered many of the books suggested. I have asked each participant to bring a piece of cloth to the meeting, so that a Crone Shawl can be made. I foresee it traveling to each meeting and to used by the hosting Crone.
Thanks so much for your help. Will keep you all posted as to our progress.
Monnda Welch
Editor’s comment: We will soon have a comprehensive listing of Crones Circles that meet around the country.

25th Crones Counsel 2017
Silver Jubilee Workshop Proposal Invitation
Excitement is in the air.
The Salt Lake City Crones are already excited and working to make this yearʼs crone
gathering in the foothills of beautiful Salt Lake City, the best ever. In order for this to
happen we are asking you to think about presenting a workshop. Workshops are
opportunities to share your wisdom, interests and life experiences in a smaller group
setting. Over the years, many workshops have been presented that have become
delightful, helpful, inspirational and meaningful memories for many of us. We are
hoping that you will be inspired to offer a workshop again this year. If you have an idea
for something that you would like to present, please fill out and send us the application
form. Also keep in mind that there is a limited number that we can select due to time
and space considerations. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Blessings to all,
Jo Anne
SLC Crones Counsel Planning Committee

Crones Counsel Facebook Group
The Crones Counsel 24 (Denver) Facebook group went to Facebook Heaven on December 31, 2016. Not to be forgotten, however! Thanks to some diligent work by Karuna Chapman, all the postings have been saved and can be viewed in Postings from Crones Counsel 24 Facebook Group. Who knows, next time we may even save all the pictures and images. The Crones Counsel 25 (SLC) Facebook Group will be making its debut soon.

Catherine Sutton
Catherine Sutton made her transition on December 5, 2016. She was an attendee at several gatherings and will be perhaps remembered for her workshop teaching folk dancing, among other things. Read more about Catherine.

Host the 2018 Crones Counsel
We are looking for a Crone’s group to host the 2018 Crones Counsel. Prior experience helpful, but not necessary. A strong local Crones Circle is extremely helpful but planning can take place long distance. A detailed Planning Guide is available for your use. Contact Janet Morrissey at if you have the tiniest bit of interest.