Crones Counsel Newsletter, April 4, 2016

The Charm of Spring

By Janet Morrissey
Spring—-A time to appreciate innocence, truth and justice, make resolutions and plans and to prepare for the enfolding year.    -Caitlin Matthews

I know that spring is close at hand when my lilac bush begins to bud and blossom.  As I open the sliding glass door, the lilac fragrance fills the air and my senses.  I am captivated by the smells.  I walk toward the blossoms, wanting to hug them for their generosity.

I grew up in Illinois with white, purple, and lavender lilac bushes. I never expected to have a lilac bush in Southern California.  Eighteen years ago we moved to Banning, about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, with an elevation of 2500 feet.  We moved in June so I was unaware that there was a lilac bush on the east side of our property with a six foot wall protecting it.  In late February or early March to my wondrous eyes, beautiful light lavender blossom emerged from this bush.  I was delighted and so surprised.  I couldn’t have wished for a better flowering bush in our yard.

From our eastern exterior, I can witness the sun moving across the horizon.  Because there is an empty field beyond our wall, I have a good view of the sun’s path.  Since the equinox, the sun is in the middle of its trajectory.  The light each morning is getting stronger and the air warmer, helping me to honor the direction of the East.

The East is the place of springtime.  The characteristics of the East are sunrise and new beginnings, birth and renewal, illumination and clarity.  This is the place of the maiden, whose life has a sense of freedom and joy.  We feel the vibrancy all around, calling us to look, smell, feel and listen to our inner selves.  What has been planted and wants to blossom in our own lives?  What is calling us, sometimes with an urgency or just a small nudge?  This is a wonderful time of year to use the edict we learned in kindergarten: Stop, Look, and Listen.

Changes in Crones Counsel Mother Board

By Carol Friedrich
It is with regret that the Mother Board has accepted Susan Ann Stauffer’s resignation as President.  Her term on the Board would have expired after the September 2016 Crones Counsel, but she has decided to take that step now.

We acknowledge Susan Ann’s considerable contribution to Crones Counsel, particularly as a Mother Board member and as our herstorian.  From the beginning she has been a participant at all Gatherings, bringing not only knowledge but experience with her.  Her PhD thesis is our major official record of the early history of Crones Counsel.  We thank you, Susan Ann, for all of your hard work contributed in a most generous spirit.

We are also announcing that Janet Morrissey, Vice President, will step into the President’s role immediately, with Suzanne Gruba as her Vice President.

In September Kaye Chatterton will become a new Mother Board member. We will formally welcome her at that time.

The Crones Counsel Mother Board continues with business as usual by communicating regularly by email, telephone and Skype.

March 2016 Denver Crones Counsel Mother Board Meeting

By Kathy Puffer
The Mother Board members were greeted in Denver by very warm, sunny weather. The unusual weather stayed until everyone was safely home, and then the BLIZZARD arrived. In the last two years most of our Board meetings have been via Skype. In Denver we realized how important it is to get to know and work with each other face to face.  We did get a lot done.

If you are interested in applying to be on the Mother Board, please get in touch with Janet Morrissey at

The Mother Board approved a transfer of funds to the Scholarship Fund for the 2016 Gathering. The lack of a scholarship fund “pass the hat” collection at Mt. Shasta naturally resulted in a smaller pot of funds for scholarships. We thank everyone who has contributed so far. Just a reminder – we are a non-profit organization. Your gift to the Scholarship Fund is tax deductible. Go to the Crones Counsel Market Place to make a donation. Be sure to choose the Scholarship Fund.

The Board toured the Denver site of the 2016 Gathering, the Renaissance Hotel. It is located within a 15 minute drive to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge that has wonderful walking paths and a lovely view of the mountains. The hotel itself has a large number of ‘conversation circles’ where women can gather and chat or just hang out.

The Mother Board approved the creation of a ‘Crones Counsel Archives Committee,’ to determine how best to handle the Counsel’s considerable collection of archival materials. Are you an archivist or interested in preserving Crone materials? Please get in touch with Janet Morrissey at to get more information.

Needed – Crones Counsel Volunteer Social Media Specialist

Crones Counsel is looking for a volunteer Social Media person to help keep the Crones Counsel social media sites up-to-date.  The successful volunteer should have most of the following qualities and skills:
•    Proficient working with Facebook, Twitter and Google+
•    Have good social media boundaries regarding appropriate posts
•    Able to copy and paste content from Crones Counsel website and newsletters including appropriate URLS as directed. (Very little original writing is required)
•    Able to copy and paste photos and images
•    Must be able to upload photos to Social Media sites
•    Must have attended at least one Crones Counsel gathering
This volunteer will report directly to the Web Mother. Anyone who is interested or has questions, please send an email to Thank you!


“Seasons of our Lives”
September 21 – 25, 2016
Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80207
1-888-228-9290 or go to their link on our website.
We are each in a Season of our Life –
be it Maiden, Mother, Matriarch or Crone.
Gather together –
Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters,
Granddaughters, Sisters and Friends
to celebrate the Seasons of our Lives.

Contacts for September Gathering

To consider doing a Workshop
Contact Carol Friedrich at, 303-373-5135
To reserve an Artisan’s Marketplace Space
Contact mARTa Quest at, 541-816-1158.