Crones Counsel News, October 2018

By Janet Morrissey

Mary Randolph and I met in the hall, and we shared our feelings about how the Gathering was progressing. I told her I felt as though I was floating through this magical week at Bellingham. I felt the magic of all the women wrapped around me in the golden shawl that was bestowed upon me by Marilyn Thompson. I felt the stories of the women soothing my inner being, filling me with awe and wonder. I felt the comfort of the Wisdom Circle when we met each day in our nest of love.

When Anne Richardson opened her heart and heard the words of, “Yes, you can”. She committed herself and her closes friends to come with her on this special journey of adding to the legacy of Crones Counsel. Even though Anne had many obstacles on this path, and the overwhelming heartache of the death of her husband, she nevertheless persisted. Thank you, Anne, and your women of wisdom: Carolyn Leeper, Ruth Broward, Kathea Rasmussen, Kalish Leviel, Andrea Asebedo, Heidi Ruth Dittrich, Christine Magnussen and Sandra Randall.

Along with Anne’s remarkable team was our Mother Board members: Carol Friedrich who worked closely with Anne, along with Maggie Fenton and Kay Marie Bouma. Also, our Marta Quest was there putting the Artisan bazaar together, and Sue White assisted with her knowledge of the audio equipment. Win Fiandaca and Andrea Hartwig displayed their wonder world present at the Follies, guiding each of the acts to perform.

Our dear beloved, Kathy Puffer has completed her term on the Board as Secretary. Her guidance and assistance was invaluable to the growth of the Counsel, especially her expertise in writing documents and working with the archive committee. She and I met monthly to create the agenda. Kathy will continue to be an adjunct member. Thank you, KAT.

The Mother Board welcomes Anne Richardson and Win Fiandaca to the Board. Win comes on as Secretary and Anne as Member at Large. Thank you for becoming part of the Board.

All of us were delighted with our own superwoman, Sue White, who spread her magic to us. Along with Sue was Lynne Erickson for capturing special photos of all you wonderful Crones. To add the frosting on this cake was our own magical wonder women who brought energy and love with the beat of her drum, creating instant healing to all of our bodies, Simone LaDrumma. In addition, we have our own drum maker and artist, Marta Quest, who assisted all artisans and made the bazaar available. A huge thank you. All of this works because we have an excellent Web Mother, Suzanne Gruba.

And so it is. Another year of PMS: the people, the magic and the stories. Another Gathering of love and moments forever placed on our paths, and to know as Crones, we are supported, sustained and valued.

Now we prepare for 2019 at Tucson. So when you hear a drum, think of Crones Counsel and send special wishes to all the Crones you have met and bonded with, especially to Win Fiandaca and her daughter, Andrea Hartwtg, who heard the call to step forward and create the next Gathering. Thank you.

Crones Counsel 27
September 4-8, 2019

We will gather at the Marriott Tucson University Park Hotel in the heart of Tucson adjacent to the University of Arizona’s beautiful campus. Call 520-792-4100 to reserve your $119/night double queen room. Wondering about the weather? This year our conference dates ranged between 91°- 93°. Anything below 100° is relatively comfortable in our Sonoran Desert, low humidity climate. So, if you do venture out of the hotel for dining and shopping, know that you will have 33 restaurants and shops to explore within a two minute walk!

Please note that early registration is now open through the Crones Counsel website through the end of October. You will find registration information at

Come and enjoy our unique Southwestern culture! We welcome you to Tucson!
Key Crones: Win Fiandaca at and Andrea Hartwig at

Reflections on Bellingham
By Anne Richardson

Imagine being in the northwest in September and having “Sun” four out of five days.. Nature smiled on us.

Plenty of sun inside too. Some new or different elements this year: using onscreen video for songs and dances, a witches dance, a high-tea party, and an excursion with dinner. The Raging Grannies, and the Threshold Singers gave us their songs. The ideas of women’s powers swirled as we addressed current issues in the outer and inner worlds. Super Powers of Super Crones, we persisted with spark and spunk. Here are some comments from the attendees: “so much of what makes this gathering what it is, is the flexibility to choose our activities. One of the great benefits is having the time for conversations.” “I liked the special recognition of the over 90 year olds, and their sharing their secrets to a good life.” “Great seeing the elders get escorted through the archway.” “Best part for me was my wisdom circle ‘Do what You Can’ because of the deep sharing and insights.

We had about 145 women. The service at the Four Points Sheraton was awesome. The Bellingham Group set records for teamwork, and they look forward to Tucson!!