Crones Counsel News, May 2019

I Loved You Enough….
By Janet Morrissey

“I loved you enough to accept you for what you are, not what I wanted you to be.” By Nicola Kennedy

When my mother had a biopsy for a lump on her breast, I was living 2,000 miles away and without her mentioning it, I knew something was wrong. Growing up, I rarely shared thoughts or my feelings with her, nor did she with me. Until I was married and with children did I begin to share my life with her; however, she did not reciprocate. Her childhood did not provide the opportunity to develop this kind of closeness.

In reading Michele Filgate’s book What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About, which is comprised of 15 authors writing essays about their mothers, helped me understand more my relationship with my mother. I always knew that she cared deeply about me, but she did not know how to tell me. I remember when I was in 7th grade and had a teacher who inspired me to become an educator. I thought it would be nice to have three of my girlfriends and their mothers come to have dessert and coffee to share our admiration for Mrs. Zimmerman. Now my mother did not entertain in any way, but she agreed. As I reflect, I see how difficult this must have been for her, but she did not refuse.

My mother believed that her role as a mother was to take care of me and raise a good Catholic girl. I am sure when I decided to move to California to teach school, she was deeply hurt, but she never said anything. Perhaps, she was used to having loved ones leave her, and she was determined to persevere. Luckily, she was married to my father, and he took care of her. As I read Filgate’s book of essays, I became more aware of how difficult my life could have turned out, but I am grateful for her strength and love.

As this Mother Day has passed, you may have had time to reflect upon your own mother and the part she played in your life—-or perhaps, you have invented a mother who fits your perfect image. What thought enters your mind when you say, I loved you enough to……

Transportation to and from Airport in Tucson

Are you wondering about transportation to and from the Tucson airport to our hotel for our 27th Crones Counsel? Easy Peasy!! The hotel is only 12 miles from the airport, so the Uber fare (currently) is only $13-17. And from the Amtrack and bus stations, the fare is less at $7-$8. If you arrive by car, we negotiated for a reduced parking fee of $9 per day (down from $14) with Saturdays and Sundays free. Our hotel is the University Park Hotel, 880 E. 2nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85719, located only 4 miles off the 10 freeway. Drivers, your GPS will guide you in! See you all there! Any questions, please contact:

Grants Available

Every year the Board has been financially able to grant registration fees for several Crones. We realize that coming to Crones Counsel is a big financial commitment and having the registration fee provided may make the difference between someone coming or not. We can’t cover transportation, hotel or food costs. The grant applications are now available on our website and will be open until August 1. If you or someone you know would like to apply, please click here to get more information or to submit your application.

Calling All Artists

The Crone years seem to be a time that the inner artist comes out.  Please bring your creations to Tuscon for the Artisan Bazaar.   To reserve your table or get more information, register on the website.

Registration Errors

If you should happen to get an error when submitting your registration or submitting a form for workshops, bazaar or follies, please try clicking on the submit button again instead of filling out the form all over. Often times this will do the job. We are working on fixing these pesky digital demons.