Crones Counsel News – June 2020

First Crones Counsel Zoom
By Maggie Fenton

Wow! How wonderful it was to see all your faces! Thank you for joining our inaugural Zoom on June 20th. For those of you who missed it, another is being planned for September 26th. Information and sign up will be in the newsletter next month so PLEASE open and read your newsletters. We had reports that several missed it because they were unaware. These announcements will be in the newsletters, on the Facebook site and on our webpage. We will set a registration deadline about a week ahead of the zoom will not be allowing any late registrations. We need to know how many are coming so we have time to prepare.

If you did attend and get the survey, please respond so we know what worked, what didn’t and how we can improve. This is new territory for all of us and we are learning as we go. Of course, as great as technology is, there are limitations we must work within. As I mentioned, I would really love to sing with you BUT Zoom only allows for one voice at a time and when all are unmuted, singing becomes a broken-up cacophony. We learned that the sound from drumming doesn’t come through. Nonetheless, it was great to see Maggie Dickson drumming away!

Meanwhile, I challenge you to create your own Zoom group. You might form one with the wisdom circle from our event or perhaps invite other Crones in your area to join one. Basic Zoom has limitations in time and number of participants but it is free. It is a great way to stay in touch and experience a bit of the Crone magic that we have at our gatherings.

Meanwhile, as most of us are still wisely staying isolated, Stay Strong. Stay Brave. Stay Safe.

What Being a Crone Means to Me
by Merritt Medusa

When you’re a crone and when problems arise you wait a while before you rise to meet them. You have been there before and know they will usually resolve themselves. You are unflappable.

When you’re a crone you are not impressed with the latest high fashion rage. You know what has value and comfort for you and you wear it well.

When you’re a crone you wait until someone asks for advice. You know they will not hear you if you give advice they have not requested.

When you’re a crone you know that what most people need is a good listener—to truly be heard and understood.

When you’re a crone, giving is more fulfilling than acquiring.

When you’re a crone being alone is a treasure. Also, it’s a treasure when you spend time with good people. You no longer try to please those you do not care about.

When you’re a crone you have honed your appreciation of what works beautifully for you and brings you joy. It might be dancing; it might be art, gardening or collecting race cars! You know what you love and do what you love.

When you’re a crone you slow down, savoring each present moment and the small precious pleasures that kiss your cheek with each beloved breath.

Why rush to one’s death?

Merritt is 62 and lives with her husband of 37 years in Santa Cruz, California

The Silver Lining of the Pandemic
By Kaya Kotzen

When I first came to the Southwest, I was a snowbird and in awe of all this part of our country had to offer. Making a decision to become a full time resident, I did not have a clue as to the grief that would follow that process. Missing friends, communities, priestess sister friends and writing friends. It took two years of hard emotional work to regroup and mourn the losses of this part of my life.

During the pandemic, however, amazing things have happened through Zoom.

I was able to take writing classes with my old community of folks from Women Writing for A Change again, in Cincinnati. I began to sing with MIchfest sisters in Cincinnati and Maine and from all over the country on line. I heard some of my old favorite performers, all of whom were still trying to make ends meet, thanks to Zoom.

I heard an eight-week series of fireside chats by the producer of the Michigan Women’s Music Festival (Michfest) which ended in 2015, in which she is is sharing her memories and stories about the festival.

In short, I reconnected in new ways to old things. What a gift and blessings it has been ! In addition, enjoying nature and walks has been a part of my daily regime

As in many parts of life, I found it best to look on the gifts, and not focus on the fear and it has renewed me, helped me to focus on getting another self published book ready to be printed, and renewed many friendships I had long since let go of.

So, as challenging as these times have been, there have been many blessings in it for me.

Kaya Kotzen 5-26-2020

Zoom Tutorials on YouTube

Need help getting connected or proficient with Zoom?

Marcia Chadly did a great Youtube video to help people attend Zoom meetings — especially created for the 60+ audience.

Join Using computer:

Join from phone:

My Anthem in Pandemic
By Jan Gist, June 13, 2020

I’m a lucky old white woman
sitting by myself
peering through a zoom screen
in my isolated wealth
hiring folks to buy my food
taking walks to lift my mood
lucky with my bank accounts
got all I need in big amounts.

Down the hill across the nation
Black and Brown have lost their patience.
Rage and grief and old despair
are joined out loud out in the air.
And they are brave and they are tired
and their passions burn with fire.
No more murder. Make it stop.
Take away the killer cop.
Take your knee off my Black neck
My Life’s my own, not yours to wreck

While I sit in solitude
I work to change my attitude.
I open up my mind and purse
‘cuz doing nothing makes it worse.
I read their words, believe their pain,
I face my part in national shame,
I sign petitions, write a check,
I work to get knees off their neck.
I look for actions I can take.
I owe them that – for all our sake.

I’m privileged and white and old
uncovering the lies we’ve told.
I’m young enough to join the fight
and find my ways to make it right.

Jan Gist is a member of Women of Ancient Wisdom, San Diego’s Crone Circle.

Recovery with Resilience: Adapt
By Diane Sieg

Reprinted by permission from Diane Sieg’s Blog
Last week I took a course focused on delivering online content with high engagement and impact given by master trainer, Bob Pike. Pre-pandemic, I never considered delivering my programs virtually, but things have changed. After teaching yoga, giving a commencement speech, and coaching on Zoom the last couple of months, I knew I needed to learn how to effectively deliver The Resilience Academy online. This required me to adapt.

Think about all the adaptations you have made in the last 2 months, changing how you do virtually everything (no pun intended). Adapt means to adjust oneself to different conditions, environments, and circumstances and by now we are all quite familiar with it. No matter what recovery phase you are currently in, adapting is a critical resilience skill in the process.

Read more.

Crone Alice Yee
From the LaJolla Light

101-year-old La Jollan Alice Yee is a “change agent” for life. — “It never occurred to me that ‘happily ever after’ would not be what one expected it to be,” Alice Yee says. Reflecting on becoming dean of women at Central Washington University: “I was hired as a ‘change agent’ at a time when there were changes being made in the treatment of women on campus,” she said. Citing imbalances such as curfews and dress codes for women that prohibited slacks unless the temperature was… See More