Crones Counsel News, August 2019

The Call
By Janet Morrissey

Are you looking for something new in your life?

Does it matter the age to find an adventure that might light your fire?

Where would you begin to look?

Even though life may have sent you some surprising road blocks that left you worn and unbelievably tired, there is something or someone to assist you into a new world of growth and discovery. As David Whyte says in his poem, “The Journey”, there is something to be found.

Sometimes with the bones
Of the black sticks left
When the fire has gone out.
Someone has written
Something new in the ashes
Of your life.

Often, we find something to renew our lives in strange places. We know when we need to refresh ourselves because we’ve become dull or in a rut. We need a kick start. Perhaps, we need to give ourselves permission to accept the idea of our neediness and the desire to fill the void that may have occurred.

David Whyte says that it is already written inside us. We need to pay attention to that small voice calling to us. We may hear a word from someone, hear a song that can’t leave us alone, or see a sign that gives us the message inviting us to move forward, out of our comfort zone.

Women have told me they look forward all year to the Gathering. Women have found strength, love, acceptance, joy and renewal by listening to the stories, sharing their thoughts with a new or old friend, receiving inspiration from unsuspecting places and believing that women have power. In the next few weeks, pay attention to the call to join us in Tucson, to connect to your core. David Whyte ends his poem by saying: “You are not leaving / Even as the light fades quickly/ You are arriving.”

See you in Tucson.

Last Call for Artists!

If you want a table in the Artisan Bazaar, this is your last chance to sign up. There is still some room left.  Visual Arts, Healing arts — all are welcome.   It is an open space so we don’t want heavily scented items and the hotel probably has rules against burning candles, etc.  Otherwise, bring your art to Tuscon!  Reserve your table on the Crones Counsel Website.

Follies at Crones Counsel

Grandma said, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket.” Crone Counsel Follies 27 is your time to shine!

Never mind that dance like nobody’s watching stuff. We are watching and clapping and cheering and loving it all.

Whatever your talent, bring it Saturday night for 5-7 minutes. Strut your stuff, throw away the bushel basket and have fun. And if you’re feeling just a little bit shy… Sign-up for the follies here.

2020 Annual Gathering in Portland, OR
October 7-11, 2020

Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

There are four active volcanoes visible from Portland as well as others that are further south, north and east of us. The energy of these volcanoes is reflected in our theme: Crones of Fire: Purpose, Passion and Power.
Crones continue to find meaning and purpose in life, bringing a passion, energy and power to their endeavors!

We will be gathering at the Embassy Suites Portland Airport Hotel. There is shopping and restaurants close by, easy access to downtown Portland via our light rail system and plenty of opportunities to sample our Northwest cuisine. Free hotel shuttle from the Portland Airport.

Registration information will be available in Tucson, in our upcoming newsletters, and on the Crones Counsel website Early registration will be open from 9/8/19 to 9/30/19, For more information, you may call one of the planners, Ruth Cohen 503-701-2184 or Sandy Eno 925-917-0346

Berry Muse
By Anne Richardson

See the blackberries at the end of their season.
They are green, yellow, red, purple and black.
They mature in their own time on the same bush.
Falling into your hand, they are sweet.
Pulling and picking: still sour.
Hiding in thick branches and thorns,
why so prickly, so hard to get?
The ripest and juiciest, higher and farther.
so many brambles to conquer
Just give up and take what is near.
The pickers flood at the peak.
Did you get enough for a pie?
What pie? Mother, where are you?
Pick and eat, pick and eat.
The sun wanes; the breeze cools.
Will the ripe be gone?
Will the unripe come on?
As ripe dwindles, we change.
Those willing to pick ate their share.
And the birds still dine.
Flourishing bushes wander anywhere.
Amplitude modulates the value.
But those in delight, return, and
Seek the last of the harvest.
Drawing in flavor, until they dry and fade.
And some on the same branch, never do mature,
The sweetness never comes
Only fodder for the next season.
And you?