Crones Counsel News April 2023

By Maggie Fenton

To those who had not registered for the October gathering in Las Vegas, the Board had to make the very difficult decision to cancel it. We simply did not have enough participants to make it happen. Those of you who did register should have received an email asking you to respond so we can send your refund. If you didn’t see this email, please check your spam file or contact us (through the website) with the appropriate address. Additionally, please cancel your hotel room so you won’t be charged

We would love to have your memories of past Crones Counsels. We can use some of them in the remaining newsletters and some in what we hope will be another Crone Times issue.

My first Crones Counsel was in Salt Lake City in 1998. I was 49 – the youngest Crone wannabe in my circle. When the directions were called at the beginning, unexpected tears flowed. I had never felt so ‘at home’ in a group of women. I was in the crowd when Shauna Adix, very ill at the time, was wheeled into the gathering to say her last good-bye to the organization she along with a team of brave, wonderful, imaginative Crones had birthed. The energy and love in the room was palpable. The members of my circle were so wise and I listened and learned. The workshops were enlightening and fun. I hadn’t played so much in years. Tears came again during the follies… tears of laughter!

One story I remember was from the elder in my circle who told about hopping a freight train in Southern California when she was in her 70s. She had always wanted to do it – her children thought she was crazy – but her loving son-in-law said he would go with her. They jumped aboard an empty flat car when it came to a slow crawl and were on their way south. At some point in the journey, she realized she had to relieve herself! (a frequent occurrence I’ve learned now that I’m in my 70s!!) Her son-in-law turned his back to her and told her to go ahead. She dropped her drawers and proceeded to do the deed, too late realizing they were nearing an intersection with blinking lights and car traffic with beaming headlights on both sides. With her bare bum shining in the night air, the final words of her story were “All I could do was wave!”

Her story stuck with me and that quote has been very useful in many circumstances!

Tell us your stories. Please send them to

Dear Elsie

Happy Spring from Pixler Hill, Dear Sisters! Here on the hill, the Easter Bunny has hopped away leaving an explosion of joyous color. New grasses and tiny leaves are almost unnaturally green and a riot of flowers are frosting the ground and treetops with hues of pink and white, blue and yellow. New life is everywhere. Even the air seems to hold promise of adventurous new beginnings.

There are many kinds of fresh starts as evidenced by this month’s question.

Dear Elsie,

I’m newly separated from my husband of 39 years with divorce looming this year. In the last month or so I have met four interesting men who have expressed an interest in me. I am of course flattered and excited after living in an emotional desert for many years. I am interested in these men for different reasons but am terrified of involvement.

Any advice?

Scared and wild at 72

Dear scared wild one,

You certainly are embarking on an adventure of wild and scary new beginnings!
One bit of advice- take things slowly. Even at 72 you don’t need to rush into anything. You have time to casually get to know these men. Trust your instincts. If something feels “off” it probably is. Use your good sense, arrive and leave alone, have a coffee or one drink, arrange with a friend to know where you’re going and text them when you get home. Try to be very clear from the start, both with yourself and the other person, about what you want a relationship to be. A friend, an activity partner or maybe something more.

Other than that, it’s okay to kick up your heels a little while exploring what qualities you would like in a male companion.

Remember, you are grieving the end of a long marriage and a way of life. Be kind and loving to yourself as you process the emotional highs and lows. Rely on your support system, cherish your time alone and make your well being your top priority.

Go a little wild, girl, after all you’re a 72-year-old Wise Woman. You can do this!


As the World Shifts
By Kaya Kotzen

Bear with me as I age, as I am gleeful
and prayerful one day
and moody the next,
when the best laid plans are sometimes
scrapped because
I didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Bear with me, when I’m indecisive.
It can take me a while to be sure what it is
I want or how I am feeling.

Bear with me or be a bear with me.
Let’s have a grumpy party and let it all hang out!

Treasure the shifts and changes that aging brings,
that slowing down brings, that not caring about
what others think brings.

Bear with the changes in the world, and in the
environment, in the weather, the shootings, all that is
going on right now as best you can.

It is out of control and your role is creating the change
you’d like to see – a minor one perhaps, but every
prayer and positive intention helps!


Climate Action
By Laurie Dameron

Minimize your single-use plastics by washing out and reusing zip lock bags and other plastic bags. You can also re-use plastic bags from bread and other food items and not even buy plastic bags.