Crones Counsel Gathering Schedule

Every gathering is different, yet the same.  We have many of the same elements at each gathering however the ambiance of the gathering has a lot to do with the women attending.  The following happens at each gathering:

Storytelling – We set aside time each morning for women to tell their stories.  It is sacred, safe space.

Crone Circles – These circles of 10 or less women are a more intimate space to tell our stories.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies – We begin each gathering with an opening ceremony that sets the tone for the gathering.  And we close the gathering also with a ceremony that ties it all up and leaves us anticipating next year.

Honoring the Elders – We honor our elder women that are 80 and above, as well as honoring each decade.  This is a ceremony that most women look forward to each year.

Follies – If it’s Saturday night, it’s follies time.  This is our great and awesome talent show featuring any woman who wants to perform.  We usually have song, dance, music, poetry, skits, comedy and whatever else is offered that year.

Workshops – Each year we are gifted with wonderful workshops offered by the women who attend CC.  We have had workshops on every topic under the sun – health issues, crafts, song and dance, yoga, how to start a Crones Circle in your home location, financial issues, and much more.

Outreach – Each year we pass the hat for donations so we can leave something behind in the community where we have our gathering.  We select a women’s charity and a representative of that charity comes to the gathering to give us a presentation about their group’s work with women in the community.

Artisans’ Bazaar – This is the place to purchase Crone-made items such as jewelry, art, books, CDs and many other things created by and for Crones.