Crone Circles

Crone Circles: local, in-person, by city and state

Please contact if you would like to add your Crone Circle to this list.

AZ:  Peoria & Flagstaff – Win Fiandaca, 480-225-7020

CA:  Santa Cruz – Linda Johnson, 831-464-7312

CA:  San Diego – Jean Stein,

CO:  Boulder – Karen Koehler,

CO:  Denver – Carol Friedrich,

FL:  Deland – Patricia Alton,, 772-324-0377

GA:  Marietta – Andrea (Drea) Nedelsky,

NC:  Chatham County – Monnda Welch,

UT:  Salt Lake City – Kaye Chatterton,

UT:  St. George – Susan Ann Stauffer,

WA:  Anacortes – Nancy Hanson,, 360-757-6212

WA:  Bellingham – Anne Richardson-Smith,

Download a detailed guide on How to Start a Crones Circle.

Please note that Crones Counsel, Inc. is providing this list as a courtesy. Many
of the women who are contacts for these circles are participants in Crones Counsel Gatherings, however, Crones Counsel, Inc. is not affiliated with these circles.