Artisan Bazaar Application

Artisan Bazaar Guidelines

• The artisan must be registered to attend the gathering.
• Items exhibited must be produced by the artist or their immediate family.
• Submissions should detail the type of art to be displayed.
• The Bazaar will be open to other hotel guests during scheduled hours.
• Each artisan is expected to assist with the bazaar. Schedules for this will be determined by the coordinator after she knows the open hours and how many artists are participating.
• In regard to items with fragrance, there should be no open bottles, containers or samples or burning of incense or candles.
• A jury of experienced Crone Bazaar artists and one Mother Board member will be available to make decisions and/or handle issues that may occur during the Bazaar. For 2020, these artists are Marta Quest (Coordinator), Tara Miller and Patricia Layden. The board member is Sandy Eno.
• An exhibiting table will cost $50 and one additional table will be $35. There is a limit to two tables per artist. Table size is usually 6 x 2.5’ but is dependent on what is available at the venue.
• The coordinator will attempt to separate ‘like’ exhibits .. i.e., cards, jewelry, etc.
• The room for the Bazaar will be available to the artisans by noon on the opening day of the Gathering (Wed.)
• There will be an artisans meeting at 4:30pm on Wed. to discuss schedules and any issues that might arise.
• Advertising for the Bazaar will be done by the local planning committee as well as postings on the Gathering Facebook and Crones Counsel page and word of mouth.

 If you understand and agree to these guidelines, please fill out this form and hit “submit.”

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