2016 Crones Counsel XXIV Denver, Colorado

Crones Counsel XXIV
Denver, Colorado

September 21-25, 2016
“The Seasons of Our Lives”
Denver Renaissance Stapleton Hotel, Denver, CO

Women from the Colorado Crones Circle of Wise Women (CCCWW), a Denver metro Crones group, hosted Counsel 24 in Denver.  This was our third Colorado gathering with CC 7 (1999) in Estes Park, and CC 14 (2006) in Boulder.   Other individuals and groups assisted in the planning.

It was once again a wonderful experience to greet crone sisters from other gatherings and to welcome the many first timers.   Most enthusiastically embraced all of the gathering’s offerings which included Storytelling, Workshops, Wisdom Circles, Artisans’ Bazaar, Poetry Evening, Follies, Banquet, and The Honoring of Elders and Decades.

From one of the first timers, here are her impressions of CC24:


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•    “As a first-timer at the Crones Counsel, I wanted to be open to the whole experience. Having spent many years letting life make my decisions, I needed to chart a new course. I needed new, powerful energy. In Denver I ran into it, head-on. The total experience was amazing. Connecting with myself, through other’s words and actions, made the experience feel universal.

•    The Native American emphasis with chanting, singing, drumming, and dancing, and respect for all things, seems a right and proper connection for the Crones Counsel. Hopefully next year, we will enjoy time outside, for some real grounding.

•    Storytelling time was my favorite. In varying ways, each crone made her point. Every story, whether harsh or sweet, spoke to me deep inside. So many lessons to learn or relearn.

•    Wisdom Circles were another chance to discover how much we have in common. As well as, offer and receive support. I developed a special bond with my sister Blue Spruces; we shared heartbreak and healing. I imagine all the Circles traveled the same path.

•    Then, there were the Follies. What a hoot! I haven’t laughed so much in ages. We sure are a talented bunch. Look for Mel and me to do our standup routine next time.

•    I can’t wait for Salt Lake City, then it will be my second year. Not a newbie anymore. I’ll know the words to the songs; I’m practicing now. I know there will be so many friends there. Some I’ve met already, some will be new.”

As we focused on the theme, “The Seasons of our Lives” we reflected on those seasons we as women experience–Maiden, Mother, Matriarch, Crone.   In our world, the natural seasons are spring, summer, autumn, winter.   These seem distinct and separate.  In our lives, however, as in the “seasons” of maiden, mother, matriarch, crone, one becomes the next.  The Crone contains the matriarch, the mother, the maiden.  The Matriarch contains the mother and the maiden.  The Mother contains the maiden.   And so, our lives evolve.